Why InvestmentPOD

Robos will force a change in the landscape... but they won't necessarily be the winners of the new era. Those who create a platform that can delicately balance the use of people and technology merging the two in what we call the "bionic advisor" will be the big winner.
-Investment News

Add a sophisticated digital offering for clients

In today's competitive marketplace, wealth advisors are facing new challenges from emerging technologies that seek to disrupt the way in which consumers plan their financial futures.
It’s no secret that the business of wealth management is changing: market volatility is on the rise and the innovation of ETFs has rendered traditional hedge funds and mutual funds (due to their high cost and illiquidity) obsolete. Meanwhile, clients are becoming more sophisticated and want a new experience from their financial advisor - one that is more transparent and powered by technology to better fit the more complex operating environment of today.

Many industry experts are predicting that the traditional 1% AUM fee business model for RIAs will be disrupted by 2019, adding to the urgency for change. The good news for advisors is the automation efficiencies and sophisticated trading strategies to compete in a robo-commoditized marketplace are now available via InvestmentPOD.
Why InvestmentPOD?
Whether you are an institution managing billions of dollars or a wealth advisor managing a $100,000 individual client, InvestmentPOD will position your firm for growth in today’s competitive market.
Enhance your competitive advantage with a sophisticated trading/rebalancing digital platform.
Provide a cutting-edge, innovative, premium offering to differentiate your wealth advisory practice.
Increase your range of advisory offerings and maintain high-touch service by scaling with technology.
Leverage powerful algorithms and low cost ETFs to deliver more efficient multi-strategy investing.
Enable expert monitoring to manage risk in volatile markets using advanced tools.
Capture next-generation investors with a customizable digital offering.
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