Advisor Business Benefits

Grow your business digitally
differentiate your offering

Wealth management is a crowded, costly and often inefficient business. Combining the human touch with a digital strength is the wave of the future for wealth management. Our simple, tech-savvy solution reinvents wealth management and differentiates your offering.
Through your own white-labeled InvestmentPOD platform, you can provide high net-worth clients with unique, compelling, and dynamic investment offerings. In this way, rather than see a decline in active clients as the industry shifts to robos, your firm will be able to stay on the cutting edge, attracting new assets and retaining your existing clients, all the while enhancing profitability with our ability to help you lower costs.

The addition of InvestmentPOD automation technology will allow your firm's advisors to gain the freedom to focus on client relations and additional business development. Allowing advisors to provide clients with a defensive management tool will also give clients peace of mind, knowing that their portfolios are automatically protected from downside risks.
Deliver customized & cost-effective
multi-strategy portfolios

InvestmentPOD is the first digital wealth management platform to offer diversification across both assets and strategies. We are the only digital advisor to make available a product for investors who seek safety of principal but also want expected returns of a 60/40 stock and bond portfolio.
Our evolving menu of advanced strategies are developed by PhD researchers and analysts with a proven pedigree and include:
  • Passive Buy & Hold
  • Opportunistic Tactical Asset Allocation
  • Defensive Risk Management
  • Principal Protection
Gone are the days when only the wealthy could afford real portfolio diversification. The future lies with the tech-powered advisor—a hybrid of the traditional advisor and a robo advisor—who can harness technology to provide affordable, multi-strategy portfolios to any client.

Diversification across assets and strategies is a framework that helps portfolios weather market storms and stand the test of time—a comforting solution when the markets break.
Benefits to Your Business

InvestmentPOD is the leader in helping advisors enhance their offerings through the use of cutting-edge technology. Evolving your firm's wealth management technology with InvestmentPOD will help you:
  • Adjust to the competitive pricing environment by driving down costs
  • Provide an unparalled experience for your clients that differentiates you in the marketplace
  • Increase efficiency and scale profitably by automating the asset management process, freeing up your time to provide valuable, high-touch service
  • Capture millennial wealth and smaller client accounts to increase AUM
  • Diversify portfolios across both assets and strategies
  • Automate defensive risk management to curtail the drawdowns from a passive buy and hold strategy
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